Do you like Angry gran run? Then probably this version will be your lovely game, because this game is much more addictive and funny.Angry Gran Run 2 is same idea as in the previous version. It is all about Angry grandma, who now is captured in the jungles and she needs to get out from this hell place... And here comes you, who will be his eyes and will help her to survive, run from this damn place.

Angry Gran Run 2
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To play this awesome game, you need at least Unity player, which can be downloaded here also. This is very easy to install and after this please reload the page.

You are the guide, helper of this granny, who was captured. When the game starts, you will get some instructions how to play. If you are the old player, probably, you already know what to do and how to play,but for the newbie players, that will be definitely helpful thing. To navigate right and left, you should use Z and X arrow keys. If you want to jump, then press the up arrow, if you want to dash just click on down arrow. At the corner of the streets, you need to navigate by left and right arrow clicks.

To play the previous Angry Gran Run you should navigate with our menu in the top of header.

As it is running game and you will cover some distance here, we added special function bellow of this page, Facebook comments. So, you can add your highest record as comment and compare to other players. Wish you Good Luck!