News for Angry Gran Games lovers. Here is new version of Angry Gran. This game is about to jump as long distance as you can. Angry Gran Toss is really new and addictive game for flash game and jumping game lovers. Here you can also improve your skills and other attributes.

Angry Gran Toss
4.6 (91.46%) 281 votes

This game is using Adobe Flash Player. As you know, the first 2 versions of Angry Gran Run was using Unity Player. Now with this version, you dont need this soft anymore.

The main idea of this game is to jump and cover the best distance. You can use many things from shop for jumping, like, soldiers, ammo to shoot to granny and so on.

This game is really one of the best game you have ever played. It looks like Shopping cart hero, the most popular game of jumping games.

Good Luck Angry Gran Fans! I will add new version of this game soon! So, stay with us.